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We provide an holistic approach to business connectivity.

Ever been frustrated dealing with a telco?

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario when you contacting one of the "brand" names - and one that drove us to invest in our own provisioning platform. Converging conventional and fibre based broadband, together with wireless, copper and fibre leased lines, our platform presents a unified communications presentation to the customer.

Circuits appropriate for your business can be chosen according to capacity and service level requirements, and different types of circuits can be bonded at a site for resilience or performance. What's more, using our provisioning platform, we can quickly and easily create secure connectivity between sites using a variety of virtual private networking (VPN) technologies. This facilitates true wide area networks for your business, where your network infrastructure can span cities - or even countries - and present a unified working environment for all employees.

Why choose Awareness?

We take a holistic approach to a communications solution, assessing the business as a whole and then each site individually without favour to any single product in our platform portfolio. Only by evaluating strictly against the business requirements can an overall strategy be developed to provide the required communications at the best overall cost. Once agreed, we will then manage all aspects of communications deployment, day-to-day maintenance and any faults which arise. We will also take over an existing communications solution and provide the same service.

Platform Features

Multiple Technologies

Our platform supports all the major communications technologies, so we can recommend and provide the right solution for your business.

Managed Router

We will proactively manage the router used to terminate site connectivity, together with the router firewall, making your life simple and your data secure.

Experienced Support Team

Our support department has a sub-team for handling both circuit provisioning and circuit faults. We will handle the day-to-day of your communication solution.

Site To Site VPN

Each site can be connected through a variety of VPN technologies, encrypting and securing business data and creating a consistent wide area network.

Circuit Failover

Whether broadband or a leased line, a circuit can fail. We can bond multiple circuits, including different circuit technologies, to give both redundancy and performance.

Static IP Addresses

All our circuits are supplied with at least one static (fixed) IP address, with multiple addresses available according to need, facilitating easy access to site services.

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