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Disaster Recovery

What if the worst were to happen?

Why do I need disaster recovery? The world isn't going to end... Is it?

Just like remote backup isn't thought of as a critical priority by many businesses (until data is lost and needs to be restored), disaster recovery planning typically falls into the same "one for tomorrow" category. However, should the worst befall your business, having a prepared and researched plan to restore business operations quickly and as transparently could well be critical to both maintaining cash flow and customer confidence.

What is Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)?

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is a process that helps organisations prepare for disruptive events, ranging from theft of equipment, loss of power, fire or flood or natural disaster of such scale to severely impact business operation. The process involves an analysis of the functions the business needs to be able to transact, and how they may be compromised, where possible how to mitigate the risks and where the risks cannot be mitigated having a remedial response plan which can be "pulled off the shelf" and put into action.

Why choose Awareness?

We have helped a number of businesses formulate a DRP. We can help with the identification of risks, and provide advice on how best to mitigate those risks or otherwise plan for a best response. As part of risk mitigation, we can help streamline and protect your infrastructure which will not only have benefits for DRP but also for the general productivity of your business. As well as providing great flexibility and agility for your business and workforce, the adoption of cloud based or datacentre hosted services also greatly reduces the exposure to risks typically associated with DRP.

Relevant Services

Cloud Server Hosting

Move your physical servers off-premises to our private cloud as reliable, high performance virtual machines.

Remote Backup

Create a backup regimen to our cloud hosted file archival facilities, meaning quick and easy recovery of files.


Digital telephony is agile - work from the office, at home or using a compatible VoIP application on a smartphone.

Virtual Machine Replication

Locally hosted virtual machines can be replicated up to our private cloud, where they can be turned on if required.

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