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Remote Backup

Business critical data is only as reliable as the backup regimen.

How much could a blase attitude to backup cost your business?

The lifeblood of any business is its data. And the unfortunate truth is that all methods of data storage will eventually fail and all human beings make mistakes. In short, all businesses require a backup strategy to protect mission critical data from loss or corruption.

Unfortunately, for some business implementing such a strategy only comes onto the agenda when they need to be able to restore a file - and by then it's too late. Even businesses with a backup strategy typically fail to ensure that the correct data is being backed up - file structures change - and test that a backup can be restored. And even those who manage to successfully traverse these potential pitfalls can store backup data in the same location as the data itself - leading to potentially catastrophic and unrecoverable data loss in the event of fire or theft.

Why choose Awareness?

We consider backup to be the most important part of any solution we deliver, and have a number of different backup strategies which can be used as appropriate. All involve having the backup data remotely stored in a secondary datacentre facility remote to our main private cloud, so even backups of our own private cloud are not adjacent to the actual storage hardware. All backup traffic is encrypted and secure.



Support for all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS and major distributions of Linux.

Custom Regimen & Retention

Different businesses have different requirements for frequency of backup, and how many versions to retain. We will discuss your requirements and implement a policy suitable for you.

Hot Backup Technology

Running backups will not interfere with service availability, and only changed data is transferred between iterations meaning jobs are quicker and less space is used.

Application Aware

Appropriate strategies are used to take consistent data from applications, including using Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for Exchange and SQL Server.

Random Backup Testing

With the permission of the customer, we pick a random selection of backup jobs and perform a test restore within a cloned sandbox to verify backup consistency.

Cost Effective

Our backup services are billed purely for data stored on our servers - and at a very low cost per gigabyte - no matter how many jobs, servers or workstations are included.

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