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Early warning systems monitoring

Why do you need ‘early warning’ IT systems monitoring?

Businesses today are under pressure to keep their IT systems up and running, however ensuring systems and services are maintained 24/7 is no easy task. With systems monitoring, failures are detected early, often before they occur, allowing you to react and prevent minor problems from becoming major issues.

Regardless of size, businesses need to remain fully operational. However, with more limited IT resources, SMEs often struggle to provide the level of in-house monitoring that’s truly required. In addition, many have IT systems that are based on disparate hardware and software, which makes monitoring complex. This situation will only get worse as more systems are added to the IT infrastructure.  Problems encountered by SMEs include:

  • Employing a highly trained systems monitoring team is often cost-prohibitive.
  • Deploying and maintaining your own in-house monitoring solution can also be challenging, unproductive and leave you open to shortfalls e.g. staff sickness and holidays.
  • Too often IT staff are required to focus on daily problem solving, leaving little time to monitor and predict potential issues.
  • The way computer assets are structured can make it too complex to gain clear insight into what’s happening.

What are the alternatives to an in-house monitoring team?

In the modern digital age, an early warning system that’s capable of predicting system outages and unforeseen failures is crucial to maintaining services 24/7/365. Systems monitoring offers you the necessary insight to keep your business running in an optimal state. It’s vital to have an overview of your entire system, as the causes of repeated server crashes, can be identified, resolved and prevented from ever happening again.

Do you have the ability to monitor all of your important IT assets, and provide early warning of potential issues?  If the answer is ‘no’, and you don’t have the resources to employ a highly qualified in-house team, then outsourcing to a managed service provider is the way to go.

Outsourcing to Awareness – we monitor, manage and mitigate risk.

Too many businesses rely on users to notify them once an issue occurs, but once a problem has arisen your business has already been negatively impacted. That’s why at ASL, we deliver a proactive approach to systems monitoring.

We find problems before they occur, and prevent them from ever happening. For instance, we’re alerted when a server is getting close to running out of resources –  we then carry out proactive work to ensure this does not happen.

We monitor:

  • servers – CPU usage, disk space, memory and more
  • server service(s) to ensure websites, databases and mail flow are working efficiently
  • network infrastructure, remote sites, internet connection, traffic and trends.

Systems are checked every minute of every day to make sure key areas of functionality are working effectively.  With our help you can decrease downtime, prevent issues and ensure your performance is maximised.

Our managed service allows you to offload the responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and resolving IT systems problems. We free up your IT staff to concentrate on running your business.

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