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ASL hosted network monitoring services powered by PRTG

PRTG is a low-cost, pro-active network and systems monitoring tool.  Customer systems are monitored 24/7 and we offer a wrap-around service to effectively manage your network and systems to ensure that we proactively resolve issues before they become business critical and impact on business operations.

Why use our network monitoring service?

Our network monitoring service keeps core business systems operational

By choosing to outsource your network monitoring to us, you are free to dedicate your time to core business activities.  We have chosen to partner with Paessler who are an industry leading network monitoring software provider.  PRTG Network Monitoring systems make networks faster, more responsive, and increase reliability.  PRTG fits into any budget and can grow with your needs.

The benefits of our hosted network monitoring

At ASL we understand that the failure of operational processes can easily result in a financial loss and a loss of time.  Our network monitoring solution helps to ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly.  We can help you to reduce downtime and information loss through system failure.

Our managed service network monitoring offers a no risk, proactive and highly effective method of understanding your systems, network and systems availability.  This helps to:

We offer pro-active network monitoring to highlight problems before they arise.

How does our managed network monitoring service work?

At ASL we understand that every business is different and no network monitoring requirement is alike.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that the critical elements of your infrastructure are effectively monitored by our managed service.

We are able to carry out daily, weekly and monthly reporting to build up a picture of your network reliability and availability.  This reporting enables the IT department to meet its obligations to the business, in delivering a reliable and consistent software environment.

We check onsite systems to ensure they are operating effectively.  Our managed service monitors:

By using this service, we become part of your IT team, always there, always available.

Find out how our network monitoring service can help keep your business operational by calling 0345 862 0350.

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