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Hosting solutions to suit
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Hosting Solutions

We have a range of hosting solutions to suit all environments, including Private Cloud Hosting, SAP Business One Hosting and Microsoft Dynamics.  

Private Cloud Hosting 

As an ERP vendor, it’s likely that your customers and prospects (heavily influenced by software giants such as Microsoft), are expecting you to offer a cloud based alternative to your traditional ‘on-premises’ ERP solution. With so much hype, it’s not surprising that your customers are being persuaded that the future belongs to the cloud.


SAP Business One Hosting

ASL’s SAP Business One hosting solutions are well proven, cost-effective and meet the certification requirement of the SAP HANA database. We assist our SAP partners and their clients to adopt Infrastructure Hosting and are confident that the user experience will not be compromised.

Microsoft Dynamics Hosting

At ASL, we have worked closely with Microsoft Dynamics for 20 years, and are the UK’s No. 1 partner for backup and disaster recovery. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of installing, building, and supporting MS Dynamics technical infrastructure makes us the UK’s MS Dynamics hosting provider of choice.

Hosting Insights

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