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Software Development

Innovative Software Development

We specialise in developing bespoke software, using cutting-edge technologies that enhance productivity and integrate seamlessly into your existing business software. Our dedicated team can assist in analysing, scoping and writing software that can improve efficiency & productivity and produce workflows that are capable of delivering real value back to your business.

Bespoke software is designed to enhance and fit seamlessly into your existing business software and scalable architecture means that it grows with your business. Using Agile Development Methodologies means we take a project management led approach which breaks the project into developmental stages with an emphasises on collaboration and continuous improvement.

We have a team of full-stack developers who adhere to best practice, ensuring your data is protected by industry-leading security protocols.

We offer fixed-price, fixed-timetable and milestone-driven projects, post delivery we can also provide cost-effective maintenance and support.

Software Development Projects

We work in a board range of sectors and some of our recent software development projects are listed below. If you would like our help to streamline an internal business process or a client facing project, call our team on 0345 862 0350.


  • Document and Letter Template Management
  • Printer, Email and SMS Manager
  • Fleet Control
  • Docusign Integration for hire vehicles
  • Various importer application with API integration to allow partners to initiate cases and retrieve data
  • Sage Integration
  • Reporting


  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Key Date facility – including automatic email updates
  • Email Integration with O365
  • SMS and Fax Integrations
    Integration with accounting software to generate invoices
  • Separate Portal for Financial Advisors to log on, create cases and see progress of existing cases
  • API facility to allow cases to be created by third parties

Wealth Management

  • Various importers to collect data from a number of sources to calculate portfolio values
  • Allocate transactions against portfolios
  • Reporting exceptions in data
  • Fee calculations
  • Integration with third-party contact and email system
  • Tracks email campaigns and contact responses
  • Allows for automated SMS messaging and reminders, emailing, and document/PDF generation
  • Integrated with Intelligent Office
  • Integrated with Office 365


  • Centralised health monitoring of endpoints
  • Proactive alerting through APIs
  • ITIL led Ticket Management
  • Asset Tracking – hardware and software licenses
  • KPI Management and Reporting

Additional Development Opportunities

If you have an idea of the type software development you need or if you have an end goal in mind, talk to us to see how we can help make your idea a reality. Our team are highly skilled and our initial discovery meeting is always a great starting point for any project.

How much do these services cost?

Scoping, discovery and goal setting are key to software development success. We take the time at the project inception phase to understand your outcome requirements, once the analysis is complete, we can then provide realistic timescales and project costs. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Recent Development Successes

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