PSTN & ISDN Switch Off

Act Now - The PSTN & ISDN Switch Off is coming

What is the switch off?

In 2025, BT is switching off the legacy analogue copper network known as PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), to modernise the national infrastructure and provide fast and reliable internet for all.

This will impact all consumers including businesses using traditional landlines and broadband and will be replaced with modern equivalents such as VoIP (Voice over IP), SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

When is the switch off happening?

BT Openreach is part way through their 5-year plan, but the momentum will now increase significantly with the next key date being September 2023, where there will be a stop-sell on all new PSTN and ISDN products.

In December 2025, the PSTN network will be shut down completely and in the next 12-24 months many telephone exchanges will be phased out. To ensure your services are not disrupted you will need to upgrade to a digital line which supports VoIP, providing better call quality, fewer faults and is environment friendly.

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BT announces 5-year plan for switch off

169 BT Exchanges stop purchase of ISDN

The switch off begins in selected areas

In September, Stop – Sell of ISDN starts

In December, the PTSN network is completely switched off

What are the alternatives?


Many customers have embraced VoIP as it is cost effective, scalable, drives productivity, future-proof and allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere using any mobile device. We have a range of products to suit any budget:

  • PhoneLine+ – specifically designed to replace landlines for small business owners with simple needs
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing – unify all your communications onto one platform and on any mobile device
  • Gamma Horizon – companies looking for a cost-effective and easy to use cloud-based business telephony
  • RingCentral – feature rich cloud-based telephony system that can scale from 2 users to call centres

Internet Connectivity

Until recently, customers needed to have a traditional landline to deliver broadband. SoGEA offers a singular dedicated line for superfast internet connectivity and can also carry voice traffic through VoIP. Depending on geographic availability there are faster alternatives such as FTTP or dedicated Fibre Leased Lines.

How can we assist with the transition?

  • We carry out an initial discovery call to clarify your current setup
  • We provide consultation and a plan of action
  • We offer competitive pricing and quotes for any upgrades required
  • We can support you through the transition, ensuring your business does not stop

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