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Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training

Two key questions you should be asking yourself

What is social engineering and why is it the biggest threat to your business?

What is your business doing to raise awareness of online Security?

Social engineering is the act of manipulating humans into providing confidential information or performing harmful actions. Users are the most target-rich environment for attackers because all humans are vulnerable to deception, influence and disinformation.

Attackers rely on social engineering because it is often the fastest way to further their goals. An attacker only needs to be successful once to compromise their target, while the target needs to be successful 100% of the time to avoid compromise.

Raising security awareness

Your users are the last line of defence. They are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks; both are forms of social engineering.

Source: KnowBe4 and Proofpoint

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How ASL can protect your business

Employees need to be trained and keep security top of mind. Essentially, you should be training your employees to become a human firewall.

We have partnered with KnowBe4 to provide you with the best security awareness training platform on the market, to help you better manage the growing threat of cyber-attacks, by building a culture of security awareness.

Through carefully curated courses KnowBe4 helps to make employees more aware of cyber security threats by teaching them how to identify phising and social engineering threats. The platform provides you with on-demand, interactive, engaging and tailor made to role training delivered online. You can monitor the progress of your team with unlimited simulated phishing attacks through email. You can access KnowBe4 on the go through their mobile Learning App, making it easier to equip your employees with the knowledge they need to protect your business.

ASL Cyber Security Managed Service

How much does the service cost?

ASL use this product in-house to ensure we have a brilliant culture of security awareness, helping us to protect our staff and our customers’ data. KnowBe4 delivers value for money and offers flexibility through monthly per user pricing, with Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond levels to match your needs.

Cyber Security Insights

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