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The importance of a comprehensive email security solution

Why you shouldn’t rely on generic cloud-based email security to protect your organisation

An increasing number of internet-based threats are being deployed via email, which is why it is imperative for your business to have a comprehensive security service in place.

It is much easier to stop threats before they become full-blown attacks on your network or infrastructure. Prevention, by means of the detection and blocking of threats, is preferable for the business continuity of any enterprise. Dealing with the fallout of the avoidable and damaging consequences of a lack of security can be extremely complex as well as costly.

So, what steps can you take to ensure your email system is secure?

Understand the threats

Internet-based threats are constantly evolving and are a challenge to detect when sent under cover of an innocent-looking email. Sophisticated methods of camouflage are employed to mask the presence of malicious URLs; for instance, emails can be embedded with:

  • spyware
  • bait for the purposes of phishing
  • DoSA (Denial of Service Attack)
  • spam
  • disguised URLs (containing redirects and/or time delays)
  • zero-day attacks (exploiting undiscovered email security vulnerabilities).

Any of these can result in damage to your operating system or applications and may also lead to the corruption or loss of sensitive data.

Learn how email security works

Internet-level defences identify and eliminate spam and viruses before they have an opportunity to enter your network, and web-borne viruses, phishing threats and spyware are detected and controlled with URL filtering. Email content and attachments, either sent or received, are scanned, monitored and managed according to your own defined policies, driven by your business requirements.

Appreciate the risks of low-level protection

A cloud-based email security service is provided at a basic level with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, etc. However, your business should not be reliant on this limited level of protection as it is not sophisticated enough to neutralise more than the simplest form of malware. Ignoring the need to detect and block an ever-increasing number of complex internet-based threats could make your business vulnerable to exploitation. Having a service that provides a wide-ranging level of email security could mean the difference between you averting a cyber disaster or finding yourself recovering from one.

How Awareness can help

ASL can offer an all-inclusive level of security for your email system that:

  • protects critical data from the threat of spam and virus
  • blocks spear phishing campaigns
  • restricts web access (customisable, according to your requirements)
  • filters URLs
  • assists administrator controls
  • protects and supports roaming users.

Our service also offers the central management of your security requirements without the need for additional hardware or software by providing a web-based console.

For more than two decades, we have supported small to publicly-listed UK corporations with their growing needs for reliable email and an effective security solution that maintains network and infrastructure integrity. Our comprehensive email antivirus service detects and blocks threats before they become a serious issue.

To discuss how to enhance your email security, call our Sales team on 0345 862 0345 and find out how we can help you and your business safe online.

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