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Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability monitoring is the process of scanning your network and systems to identify existing security vulnerabilities. Monitoring software is used to detect weaknesses that an attacker may use to gain unauthorised access to a system or network and remediate risk. Vulnerabilities can include outdated hardware, software or firmware, open ports on your network and misconfigurations. Regularly scanning your network with vulnerability monitoring software ensures that you stay in control and detected threats, are managed.

What is Cyber Security?

Simply put, Cyber Security means putting protection software in place to monitor your entire IT estate from Cyber threats. Cyber Security allows you to see in real-time, what items and devices are on the network, this in turn tells you what needs to be remediated by patching, what items require quarantining  and identifies the devices that require ongoing monitoring to ensure assets are covered.

CyberCNS Vulnerability solution is the only platform that empowers you to gain control of customer risks by identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities across their network including traditional, cloud, mobile and DevOps environments.

The importance of being Cyber Secure

Cyber-attacks can have a significant impact on a business, regardless of size or industry. Organisations should plan for cyber incidents as part of their overall risk strategy. Having cyber security software in place gives you a better chance of mitigating impact, helping with rapid system recovery and eliminating business downtime.

Here are the latest statistics regarding vulnerabilities:

Source: National Vulnerability Database August 2023 (Link

How ASL can ensure you are protected

Planning doesn’t have to be daunting; we can help you to understand the risks and build an effective response plan by:

Cyber Security Insights

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