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Why is it vital to have an effective PRTG network monitoring solution?

Has moving your network to the Cloud put your data at risk?

The rising popularity of expanding networks to the Cloud, coupled with the increased threat of serious cyber-attack, means that effective systems network monitoring is more important than ever.

As more businesses move to using a mix of public and/or private cloud services, network management needs have become more complex. However, regardless of this fact, many businesses still fail to seek expert advice from a specialist provider, and instead bury their head in the sand and take a ‘hope for the best’ attitude towards both cloud and security.

Cloud-based hosting.

Why can network monitoring be more complicated with cloud-based hosting? Expanding your system to public and/or private cloud hosting options means that your workforce can use their mobile devices to access your system, enabling them to work at any time and in any location. Although the advantages are obvious – including improvements in speed, availability and application, the downside is the loss of systems visibility.

A lack of visibility means an inability to accurately track the performance and behaviour of your system’s workload. Left unchecked, this could lead to downtime, negatively impacting your bottom line as well as your brand’s reputation.

Cyber-attack – how can network monitoring reduce the system’s security threats?

It is not only large organisations such as TalkTalk, Reddit and Twitter that are at risk of being targeted by cyber-criminals, smaller businesses are under threat too. However, this threat can be significantly reduced by using an effective system monitoring tool that not only alerts you to system malfunctions but also to any unusual activity, which could mean you’ve been hacked. Becoming aware of this at the earliest opportunity allows you to investigate and respond appropriately, minimising the risk of disruption.

The benefits of PRTG network monitoring

Having the right network monitoring solution is imperative to maintain your system’s levels of reliability, PRTG network monitoring offers:

  • increased uptime –  problems identified before they become an issue
  • increased network performance – improvements identified and made
  • increased application performance – performance issues detected and diagnosed
  • enhanced security – potential threats detected and flagged

Contact ASL and solve your network monitoring issues.

ASL are specialists in network monitoring and are a PRTG service provider. Our solutions can give you insights into Cloud infrastructure and effectively monitor your environment.

We offer a transparent approach to cloud-based hosting and offer peace of mind with no-fuss contracts that don’t tie you in legal knots. Our terms include an initial contract of one year, which becomes a 90-day rolling contract thereafter.

At ASL, we deliver simple PRTG network monitoring solutions, to discuss your requirements in more detail call us on 0345 862 0350.

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