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Dell Data Protection|Rapid Recovery. The new name in backup and recovery.

What’s so special about Dell’s upgraded AppAssure backup and recovery software solution?

Several months on and Dell’s re-branding of the AppAssure software solution – now called Dell Data Protection|Rapid Recovery, has been a huge success. Rapid Recovery delivers all of the features you’d expect in a backup system, but when its Live Recovery features are activated, it truly stands out from the crowd.

With Live Recovery, applications resume normal operations minutes after an outage, getting you back to business straightaway. You no longer need to waste valuable time waiting for issue diagnosis and repair, because as soon as the Live Recovery copy is mounted you can get straight back to work. In addition, the much improved interface is easier to use and understand.

Dell Data Protection|Rapid Recovery delivers;

  • Automatic protection of growing virtual environments.
  • Assure system, application and data availability across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • Easy connection to all leading public clouds.
  • Cost reductions as all capabilities are included in the one solution.

Reasons to upgrade to Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery

With Dell Data Protection|Rapid Recovery you can recover anything to anywhere. It provides a simple, flexible admin-friendly solution, that enables you to protect your systems, applications and data across physical, virtual or cloud environments. You can run without restore, and recover in 15 minutes.

It’s the next generation of AppAssure software, that provides a reliable, admin-friendly solution that can either be deployed as software or in a scalable appliance form. It allows you to rapidly resume business operations after a major failure.

  • Whole systems, applications and data can be recovered in a matter of minutes.
  • Optimisation can improve your users’ application experience.
  • Users have instant access to data during restores, as though the outage never happened.
  • Data protection is matched to your needs.
  • Simplified processes through a comprehensive management interface.

License through ASL and achieve cost savings.

ASL are Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery solution specialists. In partnership with Dell we offer a way to rapidly recover your data and server infrastructure. We provide;

  • Offsite data replication.
  • Latest Dell servers/hardware at our secure datacentre.
  • Unlimited restore capabilities.
  • 24/7/365 access to Dell Rapid Recovery engineers.

By licensing through us, rather than directly through Dell, you can reduce costs, deal with experts that understand your business and speed up your deployment  – just call us to find out more on 0345 862 0350.

Already got it, no problem?

We also provide hosting resources for replication and disaster recovery, if you purchased Rapid Recovery direct from Dell then you’d have to provide these yourself.  Replication hosted in our ASL data-centre delivers reliability, resilience and offers you total peace of mind.

Call us on 0345 862 0350, to discuss the benefits of upgrading to Dell Data Protection |Rapid Recovery


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