4 reasons to use Quest Rapid Recovery to restore your IT systems.

Recovering quickly from disaster with Quest Rapid Recovery.

Until recently, recovering quickly from a disaster was out of reach for most SMEs. Getting back to a point where your IT systems and data were restored and you could resume ‘business as usual,’ would likely have meant days or even weeks of costly delays. 

Today, it’s a different story as reliable protection, backup and data recovery from an event that interrupts your normal business operation, can be achieved with Quest RR.

Why use Quest Rapid Recovery?

IT recovery in minutes – the Quest Rapid Recovery solution is designed to meet the demanding Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) required by businesses today. In the event of the worst happening, the last thing you want is for your business to be exposed while you strive to become fully operational again. With Quest RR, downtime is kept to a minimum. Instead of losing information, or experiencing a lengthy delay until systems are restored, your business-critical data can be available in minutes instead of days.

Flexible yet simple

Quest Rapid Recovery is easily deployed and scalable in line with your changing business needs. It performs simplified and reliable backups that can be kept for an unlimited period, which means your server infrastructure and data can be quickly restored as your files can be recovered from any point.

Powerful protection

The advanced replication features of Quest RR, allow you to powerfully protect the whole of your IT environment, whether that’s your data, business systems, or the applications you’re using. All your data can be archived and different recovery options set to fully restore your files. You have the option to restore a single email or file, a drive, data from physical hardware that has been added after the original replication image was created, or you can restore from one virtual environment to another.   

Peace of mind

Protecting your business from disaster with Quest RR offers you peace of mind. The complete offsite replication of your data is backed up to ASL’s datacentre via a base image.  Subsequent backups performed are incremental. These backups are then compressed, de-duplicated and replicated to reduce bandwidth and storage consumption.

Keep your critical data safe and restore with minimum disruption

With ASL and Quest Rapid Recovery, all your business-critical data is totally secure. There are no upgrade backup software license fees to contend with further down the line, plus the equipment we use at our datacentre is the latest Dell servers/hardware, designed specifically for disaster recovery purposes. With Quest RR, you can rest assured that your data is being backed-up at a schedule created to match your business requirements.

To find out more about Quest Rapid Recovery, contact ASL on 0345 862 0350.  

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