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On-premises backup and recovery considerations.

Taking the right approach with on-premises disaster recovery.

The age of the Cloud has well and truly arrived, however, a large number of SMEs are still continuing to choose the on-premises backup and disaster recovery option.

At ASL, we know the success of any backup and recovery solution lies in the planning.  In choosing an on-premise solution, it’s extremely important to take into consideration a number of points before finalising your plan.

What are the considerations for an on-premises solution?

The first major consideration is whether to invest in building and maintaining your own system, which would include the appointment of IT staff with the appropriate expertise in the configuration and operation of the system. Suitably qualified personnel could be a) expensive and b) a challenge to find so you may want to consider the option of outsourcing instead.

The second consideration is to determine the amount of data you need to backup and whether the purpose of this backup is file recovery only, if corruption has occurred, or data recovery, in the event of a disaster.

Other considerations include:

  • backup and recovery specifications – size and speed of storage environment
  • RTO – recovery time objective or the maximum amount of downtime tolerable
  • RPO – recovery point objective or how far back files are to be recovered
  • application requirements – to accommodate real-time transactional data or static files
  • internal or external implementation of the recovery – will consultants be needed to assist?
  • data replication to off-site centre or cloud
  • data amount kept on physical systems vs. virtual machines
  • VM storage support
  • backup server deduplication facility – to reduce storage and increase recovery speed
  • backup to tape, disk or hot site – affects RTO
  • Keeping your data from being exposed to third parties
  • Keeping your data under your own control.

Addressing these considerations will assist you in determining the nature of the data storage environment required.

Why outsource your backup and disaster recovery to ASL

ASL has more than two decades of experience in designing and implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions. We know how important it is that your IT systems, business applications and data are recovered as rapidly as possible to reduce the impact a disaster can have on your operation.

Our experts have the specialist knowledge required to keep your IT systems up and running in the event of a disaster.

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