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Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security comes in many forms, essentially it is a means of protecting your business’s digital assets, networks and data from malicious attacks.  Our cyber security solutions include cyber awareness training, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security and incident response monitoring as well as security consulting.


Antivirus Software provides protection from harmful viruses, malware and other external threats, it can be used on electronic devices to ensure IT hardware remains uncompromised and protected from harmful viruses, malware and other external threats.

Cyber Security Awareness

We understand how important it is to be cyber savvy. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our solutions encourage user awareness through education and the use of best-in-class technology which is capable of protecting your business.

Email Filtering

Email filtering software scans an organisation’s inbound and outbound email traffic and can be deployed as-a-cloud-service or as an on-premise application.

Cyber Security Training  

Social engineering is the act of manipulating humans into providing confidential information or performing harmful actions. Users are the most target-rich environment for attackers because all humans are vulnerable to deception, influence and disinformation.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional security measure designed to identify that you are the authorised account user. The second layer of authentication is designed to protect your username and password from being compromised.

Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability monitoring is the process of scanning your network and systems to identify existing security vulnerabilities. Monitoring software is used to detect weaknesses that an attacker may use to gain unauthorised access to a system or network and remediate risk.

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