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Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

ASL understand how important it is to be cyber savvy. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our solutions encourage user awareness through education and the use of best-in-class technology which is capable of protecting your business.

Key threats

Businesses are targeted every day by cyber criminals looking for financial gain, which can lead to data disclosure, sabotage, and loss of key systems and data. Our aim is to educate and mitigate through technology and secure policies. Threats can include:







What is phishing?

NOT JUST SPAM. There has been a considerable increase in phishing attacks in recent years each increasingly more sophisticated and target-driven. They aim to deceive by masquerading as someone trusted be it a website, a senior manager or a key partner they make an urgent request – intending the user to click, download, or share information. These phishing scams can be delivered by email and SMS.

Two of the most used methods are forged (or spoofed) email addresses or domain names that on first glance look genuine.

It is key to educate users to NOT click on links or open attachments within emails from unknown senders and to look out for emails that could contain any of the following examples:

We need you to make an urgent payment

Your password had been compromised

Our payment details have changed

Click to see your doc!

Your mailbox is full!

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most significant threats facing UK businesses.

  • A type of malware which encrypts data so users cannot access their devices or data
  • A criminal group requesting payment in exchange for decrypting data
  • Attackers may threaten to leak stolen data

How is ransomware deployed?

  • Attackers gain access to a victims’ network through underlying vulnerabilities such as end-of-life technology, or downloads via a phishing attack
  • The malware spreads to other network devices, damaging systems and causing downtime. 

What is the best protection?

Prevention is the best form of protection, you should:

  • Maintain an offsite backup of all key systems and data, including on-premise servers and data held in public cloud services
  • Deploy AV to all devices – ESET
  • Deploy MFA to all devices – Duo
  • Educate staff to recognise the signs of a phishing or ransomware attack through a product such as KnowBe4
  • Have a Cyber Health Check and Vulnerability Scan – understand where you are now and plan to remediate identified risks.

ASL products and services

We can help you stay ahead of the criminals, by using secure IT systems that are characterised by:

How can you protect your business now?

Our team can help you understand your business’ vulnerabilities and provide practical solutions to help protect your business. You can make a start now by:

How much does this service cost?

Each business is different, we will tailor a plan to suit your business’ unique requirements. Ask a member of our IT support team for a costed solution.

Cyber Security Insights

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