The benefits of outsourcing your network and systems monitoring.

The benefits of outsourcing your network and systems monitoring.

Maintaining performance

For IT infrastructure to perform efficiently, and to ensure access to services and data at any time, continuous network monitoring is a must. However, so many businesses fail to monitor their network as they lack the resources, skills and manpower to do so.

Too many just rely on the smooth operation of devices and fail to monitor their health.  They assume that everything is fine rather than incur the high costs involved in staffing their own IT department to effectively monitor these assets.

For example, whilst it is vital to have a UPS that activates within milliseconds of the loss of your main power source, it’s not enough on its own. The UPS itself also needs to be monitored, because if you are not aware of its battery life then you may wrongly assume that you have enough capacity to shut down your servers.  The difference between knowing you have 20 minutes of battery life versus 2 minutes of battery life is essential and could have disastrous consequences for the integrity of that data.

Not having a monitoring solution is therefore a high-risk strategy as it makes your business vulnerable in the event of a systems failure.

What are the options for businesses without their own monitoring system in place?

How do you maintain the high performance of your IT infrastructure without the hassle and cost of recruiting and training your own in-house team?

The most cost-effective and secure option is to outsource, which enables you to:

  • protect your business from disruption
  • identify areas requiring systems improvement
  • increase systems availability and effectiveness
  • quickly identify slow or ailing components
  • predict potential outages through alerts
  • reduce your exposure to risk by minimising downtime
  • reduce the cost of recruiting and training your own in-house team.

Why outsource your network monitoring to ASL?

With our monitoring solutions, we keep an eagle eye on all of your important devices within your infrastructure. Taking the UPS as an example we actively monitor; battery capacity, temperature, and running time remaining. These usage trends are monitored, identified and acted upon.

Continually monitoring the status of all your infrastructure such as network, servers, UPS, databases and other key assets means you are alerted at the earliest opportunity to potential risks and areas for improvement.

At ASL, we have extensive experience providing network monitoring solutions for UK SMEs, and have the expertise to support you with your network management requirements. We provide affordable solutions to suit any budget that can be scaled up or down according to demand, we:

  • provide 24/7/365 network and systems monitoring
  • proactively address and fix alerted issues
  • constantly look after your environment during staff absence
  • prevent problems by identifying software or hardware issues
  • analyse usage so your network capacity is not exceeded
  • configure UPS to shut down attached devices properly in the event of an outage
  • provide highly trained and expert staff.

To discuss how we can protect your business from network disruption call us at ASL on 0345 862 0350.

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