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Why should a backup and disaster recovery plan be your top priority?

Creating a backup and disaster recovery strategy to protect your business from loss.

With a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place, your business can be protected from significant operational downtime. Planning against outages is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. With the right plan in place, you can significantly limit the financial losses that can be incurred through downtime.

While the term disaster recovery might conjure images of natural disasters such as fire and flood, there are many more mundane events that you need to consider and protect yourself against, such as:

Machine and hardware failure

No business is entirely immune to hardware failure. Having a disaster recovery plan in place ensures that your business does not suffer interruption or data loss. By outsourcing your data backup and recovery, you can protect yourself from financial losses caused by major service interruption and downtime.

Human error

Humans make mistakes and are a weak link that can cause data to be lost, or incorrect data to be entered. With a disaster recovery plan a series of incremental online data backups can be made, to enable files to be quickly and easily be restored in an error-free state.

Service outage

Today’s customers are very demanding, and in all sectors competition is fierce. It’s vital to ensure that you safeguard against downtime and interruptions to service, because if customers can get a better service elsewhere they will. It takes a lot to earn customer loyalty, and IT disasters such as data loss or extended outage of service can quickly erode their trust. IT disasters are unacceptable to customers, and therefore it’s better to protect against this happening, rather than dealing with it after it has.

ASL disaster recovery solutions

All businesses are vulnerable to IT disasters, but by ensuring your data is backed up, protected and can be quickly recovered, you can keep your business up and running without significant service interruption.

At ASL we are an enterprise-class backup and recovery service provider. For well over 20 years we have been keeping SMEs around the UK operating ‘business as usual’.

  • We ensure that systems and data are rapidly restored to keep our customers doing what they do best, which is running their business.
  • We formulate backup and disaster recovery plans to minimise service disruption, to limit the financial losses that can be incurred through downtime and outages.

Reasons to outsource your backup and DRP to us:

By outsourcing to us you can guarantee your business is fully prepared for disaster, we help you to ensure business continuity. We provide:

  • virtualisation through the complete offsite replication of systems and data
  • latest servers/hardware for disaster recovery at our secure datacentre
  • unlimited restore capabilities
  • scaling up and down of storage capacity as needed
  • near-real-time daily backups
  • increased flexibility
  • improved performance
  • access to engineers 24/7/365.

We enable you to reduce your costs on backup software, license fees, hardware updates and man-hours wasted backing up. We free you to concentrate on running your business.

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