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Protecting your corporate WiFi

How secure is your network?

Modern businesses that require different forms of connectivity and functionality, could be exposing their wireless network to unnecessary risk without proper firewall configuration.

Firewalls protect your hardware and networks from unwanted data or viruses trying to get in, or unauthorised systems traffic trying to get out.  A systems functionality and security are provided by configuring your firewall with VLAN’s so that network access can be controlled and risks eliminated.

Defending your wireless network security with the correct firewall configuration

Defending your network security successfully involves the proper configuration of your firewall. The firewall maintains your enterprise’s security by preventing access either to or from a specified network.  This is done by implementing firewall rules that define the level of access authorised users have; for instance:

  • corporate WiFi –  an open rule to the local LAN and internet
  • staff WiFi – a restricted rule to Remote Desktop and a rule to the internet
  • guest WiFi – a restricted rule to the internet.

Secure firewall configuration eliminates unauthorised access to your sensitive data. In turn, this prevents it from being corrupted or leaked, either accidentally or maliciously.

This is vital if you have BYOD users who use different devices, including tablets and smartphones. The variation in devices used can make defining who has access to what data very complex. Correct firewall configuration allows for authorised BYOD users to remotely access your private networks securely, using logins and authentication certificates. This is essential to establish and uphold BYOD security and best practice for your enterprise, which maintains the integrity of your networks and data.

The role of VLAN’s in network security

A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a way of creating network groups and segregating them from each other. This is done without the need for additional hardware or rewiring of your building.  Access is provided to groups, such as corporate users, staff and guests, without exposing your network to any unnecessary risks. VLAN’s are essential to achieve this and:

  • are configured on enterprise-class devices such as switches and firewalls
  • they simplify your network design and deployment
  • allow different networks to share the same hardware whilst being completely segregated.

The correct configuration of the switch means that wireless access points can be connected to any of its ports. As long as those ports are configured to the appropriate VLAN traffic, all networks can pass over the same switch without interfering with one another. This means that issues such as broadcast storms, which may arise due to the use of poor equipment or configuration, can be detected and isolated without the other networks being impacted.

Why choose Awareness to secure your network?

With more than 20 years’ of experience in the industry, ASL design infrastructure solutions for clients utilising enterprise-class hardware. The hardware we supply (switches, firewalls) are fully managed layer 3 devices, that gives us the ability to:

  • define access levels
  • segregate logical networks
  • detect and control network issues such as broadcast storms
  • fully meet your network security requirements.

For further information on how ASL can help uphold your network security with Firewall and VLAN configuration, speak to us on 0345 862 0350.

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