SQL Server troubleshooting

Getting to the root of your Microsoft SQL Server problems

The success of SQL Server as the world’s leading database for midmarket ERP software applications is no surprise. Its ability to process thousands of simultaneous queries and operations without missing a step is down to a robust design and continuous Microsoft development during the last 30 years.

Nevertheless, SQL Server frequently gets blamed by IT administrators when ERP users find their systems slowing down or ‘hanging’ completely without warning. Understanding SQL Server, and the wealth of tools available for monitoring performance, can lead to the wrong conclusions in determining where the fault lies.

The business consequences can be significant. If system performance problems remain unresolved for any length of time, it’s not just the system users who become frustrated, customer service suffers too.

Need help overcoming your SQL Server performance problems?

At ASL, we can help you to get to the bottom of your SQL issues.

We take the time to understand precisely how the problem manifests itself:

  • slow inputting of orders/transactions
  • slow response times to queries
  • application ‘hangs’ or ‘crashes’
  • slow screen draw
  • slow report generation.

We undertake a thorough evaluation of the SQL server deployment:

  • we check whether the database deployment meets the minimum requirements recommended by Microsoft and their sizing documentation
  • we identify the precise application activity where the performance problem is manifested
  • we use SQL’s inbuilt tools to monitor the problem as the user experiences it.

We undertake a thorough evaluation of the entire IT environment:

  • we look at all the IT resources involved in the tasks that are underperforming
  • we perform tests to rule out factors such as network latency and under specified end-user devices such as old PCs,
  • we run further diagnostics to see whether overall ‘system load’ is a factor in the manifestation of the problem.

Once we’ve completed our analysis we’ll come back with recommendations for resolving the problem. It may be something as simple as tuning the database or it may involve improving the specification of some part of the system.  

Whatever the problem we have the SQL Server experience and systems know-how to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and propose remedies that work.

If your business is struggling with performance problems that appear to be SQL Server related get in touch by emailing sales@aware-soft.co.uk or calling 0345 862 0350.

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