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Why perform regular systems updates?

Are you putting your business at risk by neglecting systems updates?

After spending time and money to ensure your IT systems and software meet your business requirements, it’s important that you don’t just sit back and think – job done. It’s too easy to forget the most simple and fundamental tasks, such as software updates and firmware patches. By neglecting to update to the latest versions, you open your business up to unnecessary risk.

The risks of using outdated software

  • Increased Security Issues – Outdated software is a ticking time bomb that presents a huge security risk. Your best defence against malware and viruses is through installing the software updates released to address specific threats.

By carrying out regular updates, you can patch the vulnerabilities hackers rely on to infect your IT system. It’s important to be aware that hackers pay close attention to security patch release dates, as this tips them off to the vulnerabilities of the previous version. By not applying a patch, you could expose your business to serious risk.

  • Impact on Workflow – Security issues aren’t the only risks you’ll encounter by not updating your systems and software.

You also run the risk of impacting employee workflow. For instance, if your employees want to work on joint projects but they are running different versions of software, then compatibility issues may arise hindering their progress. To prevent this issue, you need to synchronise every piece of software across your network, which also includes mobile versions.

According to Microsoft, businesses unnecessarily expose themselves to cyber-attack when they fail to update their software.

Why make time to update?

Your system may be working fine so you might be thinking – why bother updating and applying a patch? Failure to patch leaves the door open for malware to enter, however, patching is not only about security. An update may be released to improve an application’s stability.

To ensure you are both protected and able to operate applications effectively, you need to make system upgrades a priority. However, this is time-consuming and can be a complex task if you have a large infrastructure. You can’t afford to risk being hacked or having your employee productivity levels drop, but you don’t have time to prioritise systems updates. So what are your options? The answer is easy – you need to consider outsourcing.

ASL software systems updates and patching.

By outsourcing to us you can be confident in keeping track of all updates, we take on the responsibility so you can concentrate on your core business. We deliver proactive protection, we monitor to find outdated software and security vulnerabilities.

The larger your infrastructure the more difficult it is to keep on top of updates, which is why it makes sense to contact us at ASL to discuss our IT support services.

We update your software to ensure that you’re running the most current and bug-free version, we offer;

  • A quarterly systems update – too often can become a hindrance to business operations, and not often enough can leave your business open to security threats.
  • Urgent patches that have serious consequences are performed on an as-needed basis.
  • A proactive review of all Firmware updates, Windows updates and software updates (working in partnership with your other suppliers).
  • A server snapshot to ensure that any update issues can be rolled back, quickly and safely.
  • Urgent updates out of business hours to limit disruption.

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