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Why book an onsite IT survey?

How does an onsite IT survey improve and protect your business?

For all businesses, a thorough IT site survey/assessment offers a means to appraise the current health of IT systems and assess potential future vulnerabilities. It delivers an overview of how your current technology is helping or hindering your core business efficiency and productivity. It incorporates systems and network performance reviews, software audits, technical reviews and risk management.

Does your company need an IT health check?

Evaluating the health of your IT environment is necessary in order to work out its vulnerabilities, and mitigate future risk. The ultimate goal of an IT assessment is to identify areas where improvements can be made that will; increase efficiency, decrease cost and reduce risk.

By bringing in a ASL specialist IT assessor to identify your systems strengths and weaknesses, you are enabled to develop a blueprint to improve your technology and security.

We help you to work out:

  • The effectiveness of your technology in supporting your overall business goals.
  • The steps you need to take to improve your overall IT environment.
  • How to plan for an unexpected disaster.

We attend site to review your:

  • network
  • servers and end user devices
  • software
  • infrastructure
  • backup, recovery and business continuity plan

What can you expect from our onsite IT assessment?

After an in-depth analysis we are able to assess any weaknesses, and then come up with a plan to upgrade and improve efficiency, security and availability. We can ensure you have the right technology in place to run your business at optimum efficiency.

Software issues – we can evaluate your existing software and advise on vulnerabilities, software updates, licensing issues and necessary upgrades.

Security issues – we can review your security measures to ensure your data and systems are protected and safe from attack.

Backup and recovery issues – we can ensure your business has IT continuity.  We can devise and implement an IT disaster strategy to ensure your business can keep on running – no matter what happens to your hardware, software or vital business data resources.

Network issues – we can analyse your network, leading to recommendations and the implementation of network changes to ensure your IT network is fast, resilient, free from bottlenecks and fully monitored.

Hardware issues – we can identify where hardware is under specified or vulnerable to future failure or overloading.

Booking an onsite IT assessment.

If your business is in need of an IT assessment, contact us at ASL. Call us to discuss your requirements, and find out how we can help you discover your IT issues before they strike and lead to disaster.

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